Dream Big Group Workshop

Seattle, WA



Full details and schedule of workshop are coming soon!


Group Workshop


The Dream Big Group retreat is a chance to participate in a workshop that we generally offer to single clients and projects. It is open to up to 24 attendees from all different campuses and corporations looking to collaborate and think big.

You will attend with other leaders from B and I, Corporate Development, and Higher Education.  These leaders work with facilities, operations, planning, dining, retail, and hospitality.   Together you will create a plan for innovative human experiences and digital integration while maximizing and blending real estate uses.


What outcomes can I expect from the workshop?

Dynamik will provide a summary document of the outcomes, data, and trends from the workshop to all attendees post-workshop.  Dynamik’s team, as well as, the guest interrupters will guide attendees through the process of blending experiences in Higher Education Student Unions and Auxiliary Spaces, B&I Common and Dining Spaces, and Senior Living Dining and Social Areas. The goal is to maximize space utilization, as well as play, work, learn, shop, eat, and rest experiences.

The Group Workshop will guide attendees to:

  • Work together to create reliable solutions based on trends to take back to your campus of development
  • Diagram physical and digital areas of opportunity for higher engagement.
  • Learn about programming tools to identify low, medium, and high engagement areas for different times of the day.
  • Identify areas that may potentially yield higher cost/benefit outcomes vs. lower cost/benefit outcomes.
  • Identify the range of experiences and infrastructure before planning any new projects or facilities that will incur more cost with little to no benefits.
  • Study and outline demographic and customer/user personas for your campus.
  • Study and integrate customer journey and experience mapping into your campus map.

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Full Retreat (2 Days) | Bonus Wine Tasting Day (3 Days)