Dream Big Group Retreat

Santa Barbara, CA

June 27 - June 29, 2018


Dream Big Group Retreat

Workshop Agenda

[Final agenda to be confirmed 45 days prior]


DAY 1 (1/2 Day)

Wednesday, 1st Half Day – 1:00PM – 5:00PM

  • Arrive at a local restaurant private space - located in the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Workshop introduction, getting to know the team, the trends, and the process.
  • Workshop exercises that move participants into the dream big mindset.
  • 5:00 PM - Interactive culinary dinner session with a local chef including wine tasting, and continued dream big conversation.



DAY 2 (Full Day)

AM Session, Thursday 8AM – 11:45AM

  • Arrive at a local bakery and wine collaborative for a morning of highly interactive and energetic think tanking and dreaming.

  • Work together in teams to create new ideas from “what if” programming, customer personas, trends, facility and operations overlays, and use and density heat maps.

1 Hour Lunch – Included with group – A Van will pick-up group and take to a nearby restaurant sourcing local ingredients.

 PM Session – 1:15 – 5:15PM

  • Arrive at a local Co-Working space for a tour and discussion with founder. Study how multi-use experiences work on a workspace level connected to hospitality.
  • Work together further in teams to continue ideas from “what ifs”, customer personas, trends, facility and operations overlays, and use and density heat maps – now integrating workspace and learning space thinking.

5:15 – 6:30 – Happy Hour and Closing/Next Steps, Take-Aways

  • Discuss and summarize the 1 ½ days observations. Dynamik to provide overview of what attendees will receive post-workshop including a summary of the workshop outcomes and suggested next steps for attendee use.

6:30 – Adjourn – Attendees on own for dinner.




Friday 10AM – 3PM

  • A van will pick up attendees at a downtown Santa Barbara location for a 5 hour day of wine tasting at Sunstone Winery in Santa Inez Valley plus a visit to Los Olivos – home of beautiful wineries and the famous Santa Maria BBQ*.

  • Attendees can choose to stay at Sunstone Wineries Villas. Contact us at info@dynamikspace.com if you are interested.  Attendees would need to provide their own transportation back to Santa Barbara if staying at Villas.

    *This activity is not included in the base Workshop price and is an additional option. Wine tasting and lunch provided with this package. Must have a minimum of 10 to confirm this day.


Your Dream Big Facilitator


Melanie Corey-Ferrini

(Chief Experience Officer)

Melanie is the lead dynamic facilitator with expertise in total experience design in blended and multi-use spaces. Her diverse background in real estate analysis, operations, planning, design, food and retail branding, and construction, make her a subject matter expert. In addition, her passion lies in creating dining and retail experiences that are grounded in reality, as well as,  forwarding thinking and innovative.

Integrating the latest in digital technologies and other virtual experiential thinking into physical experiences and operations is vital in all conversations leading to a total 360° experience.

Melanie’s skills as a facilitator and speaker will provide attendees a hands-on workshop experience, while at the same time, providing real-world solutions and ideas for attendees to take back to their companies and campuses.


Guest Workshop Interrupters


Interrupters are specialists that will drop into various portions of our workshop days to mix up the conversation and bring forth new ideas to consider. We select our Dream Big Interrupters based on our attendee's areas of interest [from the questions sent to each attendee before the workshop]. The following is the current Dream Big potential Interrupters.


Interrupter I

Technology/Virtual Expert


Interrupter II

Dining and Retail Operations Expert


Interrupter III

Corporate and Workplace Development and Facilities Expert


Group Workshop Retreat


The Dream Big Group retreat is a chance to participate in a workshop that we generally offer to single clients and projects. It is open to up to 24 attendees from all different campuses and corporations looking to collaborate and think big.

You will attend with other leaders from B and I, Corporate Development, and Higher Education.  These leaders work with facilities, operations, planning, dining, retail, and hospitality.   Together you will create a plan for innovative human experiences and digital integration while maximizing and blending real estate uses.


What outcomes can I expect from the workshop?

Dynamik will provide a summary document of the outcomes, data, and trends from the workshop to all attendees post-workshop.  Dynamik’s team, as well as, the guest interrupters will guide attendees through the process of blending experiences in Higher Education Student Unions and Auxiliary Spaces, B&I Common and Dining Spaces, and Senior Living Dining and Social Areas. The goal is to maximize space utilization, as well as play, work, learn, shop, eat, and rest experiences.

The Group Workshop will guide attendees to:

  • Work together to create reliable solutions based on trends to take back to your campus of development
  • Diagram physical and digital areas of opportunity for higher engagement.
  • Learn about programming tools to identify low, medium, and high engagement areas for different times of the day.
  • Identify areas that may potentially yield higher cost/benefit outcomes vs. lower cost/benefit outcomes.
  • Identify the range of experiences and infrastructure before planning any new projects or facilities that will incur more cost with little to no benefits.
  • Study and outline demographic and customer/user personas for your campus.
  • Study and integrate customer journey and experience mapping into your campus map.

How to attend the Dream Big

Workshop Group Retreat


If you are interested in attending the workshop, Fill out the Workshop Interest Form.

We will email you a set of questions relating to your interest, your role in your organization, your interest in the workshop, and your level of participation. 

  • Dynamik will send your approval letter and a registration form.
  • Full payments are due and will be through PayPal.
  • You will receive a Workshop Questionaire to be completed at least 45 days before the Workshop.


To be considered for one of two case studies in the Dream Big Workshop, please submit your campus’ master plan and any demographic research relative to how humans experience your campus during all day parts. Dynamik will contact you if your campus is shortlisted for the Campus Dream Big Case Study, to assess further through a one-hour conference call.





Price for workshop per attendee:

  • $1,995 through May 15th.  Space is limited to 24 attendees.
  • $2,495 May 16th - June 8th

Not included in Price:

  • Dinner after Full Day and Happy Hour - June 28
  • Lodging [We can make recommendations and provide discount codes to nearby hotels after registration]
  • Transportation to and from the workshop locations, [other than noted] and airport transfers.

*Registrations are closed June 8th.


Bonus Day Add: Register Deadline May 25th

  • $199 for Wine Tasting and lunch.

Inquire separately about Sunstone Villa pricing


Group Retreats are an opportunity to Dream Big in a group setting located in a destination location.  Custom focused 1-day Workshops in Seattle start at $15,000 for up to 8 attendees


Workshop Interest Form


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