What Dream Food and Retail Experience can you create on your Campus?


Dream Big Workshop

Strategic Forecasting
Space Optimization
Nourishing Human Experiences

It’s never too early to dream your next project. Maximized campus planning leads to innovative human experiences.

“If you are looking for new and differentiated experiences for your campus, the dream
big workshops are a great jump start for new thinking"

- Jodi Westwater, Compass Group

Dynamik creates workshops for clients around the globe to dream big before the onset of project timelines and budgets. Dreaming Big means looking at the “What Could Happen If” or “What New and Integrated Experiences will move our Campus to a new master plan?” or “I have researched trends and how do I integrate them in our campus planning?”

Starting in June 2018, we have created a 1 ½ day workshop retreat in Santa Barbara, California for those looking to step into the world of dreaming big with their colleagues - before project timelines and budgets constrain the innovation process. Working with your colleagues allows for iteration and collaboration of ideas at a faster and more diverse level.



  • We analyze experiences from human use and emotion level.
  • We sort and plan all day parts with their experience counterparts. This allows for maximum efficiency and innovations.
  • We push the boundaries of how Eat, Learn, Meet, Play, Rest, Shop, and Work experiences are blended.
  • We create a plan on how to maximize real estate by incorporating various experiences throughout the day.
  • By dreaming big now, you can plan for success. You will be able to create a feasible plan and timeline for project ideation and creation before project timelines and budgets are set. 


  • Meet other Campus and Corporate leaders plus create new experiences to maximize campus experiences

  • Work in a hands-on innovative and inspired setting creating a new 360 experience roadmap that will maximize your campus before launching into a project timeline

  • Work on real case studies and ideas that can be taken back to share with your team



  • Business and Industry Food Service, Facilities, and Workplace Strategists and Leaders
  • Higher Education Auxiliary Directors and Dining Leadership
  • Senior Living Dining or Operational Directors
  • Foodservice Operators and Project Managers working with forward-thinking clients


  • We create a roadmap and groundwork for human-centered experiences

  • We guide attendees through the process of blending experiences in all front of house areas such as;  Food and Retail, Student Unions and Residence Halls,  Lobby and Common Areas, Leisure and  Lobby Spaces.  Balanced with an understanding of infrastructure and back of the house operations.

  • Attendees receive tools to identify, observe, and analyze low utilization and experience areas on campus before planning any new projects that will incur more cost and little to no benefits

Which workshop is right for you?



Group Workshop RETREAT

Santa Barbara, California  Date: June 2018

If you are interested in attending our Dream Big Workshop Retreat in June with 24 attendees, please email info@dynamikspace.com.

We will email a Pre-Dream BIG Workshop kit which outlines what you need.

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CUSTOM Workshop

Custom Workshop starting in 2018

If you are interested in having Dynamik create your campus focused Dream Big Workshop, please email info@dynamikspace.com.

We will contact you for a 30 minutes conference call to determine the level of workshop. Dynamik will provide a Workshop Proposal for services at your location or a mutually selected one.

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Your Dream Big Facilitator


Melanie Corey-Ferrini

(Chief Experience Officer)


Melanie is the lead dynamic facilitator with expertise in total experience design in blended and multi-use spaces. Her diverse background in real estate analysis, operations, planning, design, food and retail branding, and construction, make her a subject matter expert. In addition, her passion lies in creating dining and retail experiences that are grounded in reality, as well as,  forwarding thinking and innovative.

Integrating the latest in digital technologies and other virtual experiential thinking into physical experiences and operations is vital in all conversations leading to a total 360° experience.

Melanie’s skills as a facilitator and speaker will provide attendees a hands-on workshop experience, while at the same time, providing real-world solutions and ideas for attendees to take back to their companies and campuses.




The Dreamology Session that our group participated in was not only fun and engaging but provided us the tools to imagine something different for the future of our campus planning. It went beyond food and beverage, and integrated “Life” and how experiences can be designed in the future to integrate all aspects of living including; working, playing, eating, shopping, gathering, learning, and healing. Our group got excited about the higher level out of the box thinking – that then guided them to the food and beverage experiences that envision for the future.
— Mark Freeman - Microsoft
If you are looking for new and differentiated experiences for your campus, the dream big workshops are a great jump start for new thinking to prepare your team. With this hands-on way of ideating, our team was able to move away from our preconceived ideas to new ideas that we can use and implement for our projects.
— Jodi Westwater - Compass Group
The Dream Big Workshop was a great way for our group to think big about the “what ifs” for our development planning. We were able to discuss and iterate ideas in a way that helped us determine a firm plan for success before projects come up. We integrated our data from our customers and other demographic and data in a way that allowed us to create new and different experiences due to the innovative processes from Dynamik’s workshop
— Tim Moorison, Madison Morrisette Development

Let Dynamik transform your
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Contact us for more information on how you can take the Dream Big workshops a step further. Our team will walk you through the steps on how to truly get a 360°experience.